November 2022

RETOLD – Ticketmaster Sucks


In light of the Taylor Swift ticket fiasco, the guys revisit Episode 63 and the story of the first major artist to go head-to-head with the entertainment entity - and lose. NEW SHOW NOTES:

RETOLD – Ticketmaster Sucks2022-11-18T11:18:05+00:00

May 2022

Episode 95 – Keith Moon vs animal tranquilizers


The guys read a ripped headline regarding Pearl Jam that leads them to one of the craziest rock n roll fan(tasy) stories ever told. Today's episode brought to you by Athletic Greens; Get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to [...]

Episode 95 – Keith Moon vs animal tranquilizers2022-05-25T04:13:16+00:00

October 2021

Episode 63 – Pearl Jam vs Ticketmaster


Brian and Murdock remember that time Eddie Vedder and crew tried to fight for fair ticket prices, cheap merch and music for the people - and lost miserably. This episode is brought to you in part by Db Bags. Get  10% off your next purchase by using the code POD10.   SHOW NOTES: Songs played [...]

Episode 63 – Pearl Jam vs Ticketmaster2021-10-13T10:24:35+00:00

September 2021

BONUS – Pearl Jam’s Ten turns thirty


Brian and Murdock discuss Columbia House Record Club, ABBA's reunion, GNR song stories, and the grunge record that - three decades ago this week - redefined rock and throaty belting forever.   SHOW NOTES: Operaman:

BONUS – Pearl Jam’s Ten turns thirty2021-09-03T03:47:41+00:00
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