Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories exists to discuss and (maybe set straight) the rumor, innuendo and hidden details that surround some of your favorite bands and songs. Created and hosted by Brian and Murdock of The Story Guys.

April 2021

Episode 36 – Rock n Roll vs Satanic messages


The guys answer a listener letter asking for the history on "backmasking" - recording messages backwards on rock n roll records meant to be played forwards. Get ready to go deep on The Beatles, Led Zep and even that annoying Napoleon XIV track. This episode brought to you by SPARK by POSITIVE GRID - Get [...]

Episode 36 – Rock n Roll vs Satanic messages2021-04-07T14:59:09+00:00

BONUS – More on Sampling: Amen Breaks


In an addendum to Episode 34, the guys go ALL the way back to the BEGINNING of sampling to uncover the origin story of possibly the MOST sampled song in music history - "Amen Brother."   SHOW NOTES: The Winstons Wiki: The drum break: The full song: BBC interview from 2015: [...]

BONUS – More on Sampling: Amen Breaks2021-04-02T20:24:56+00:00

March 2021

Episode 35 – Iron Butterfly vs science


Brian tackles the tale of Iron Butterfly and their replacement bass player, Phillip Taylor Kramer - a rocker turned scientist who quit showing up. This episode is sponsored by Away Travel: PODGO.CO/AWAY SHOW NOTES: The WaPo long read from 1995: The Unsolved Mysteries episode - The 1999 story:

Episode 35 – Iron Butterfly vs science2021-03-24T04:10:36+00:00

Episode 34 – Beastie Boys vs the future of hip-hop


The guys answer a listener letter asking if the Beastie Boys were involved in causing the crackdown on sampling in rap music. SHOW NOTES:,_Ltd._v._Warner_Bros._Records_Inc. I Hate Myself and Want to Die by Tom Reynolds: Biz Markie - "Alone Again" -

Episode 34 – Beastie Boys vs the future of hip-hop2021-03-17T05:01:03+00:00

Episode 33 – Sussudio vs 1999


The guys mashup and freak out over the similarities between two big hits from two big 80's hitmakers. Plus - that time Phil Collins played on both Live Aid stages, got lampooned on South Park and thought he was at the Battle of the Alamo in another life... This episode brought to you by Away [...]

Episode 33 – Sussudio vs 19992021-03-10T05:16:13+00:00

BONUS – The Rare Essence murders


Brian's Google searches uncover a series of mysterious deaths that all trace back to one band - and take the guys on a trip into the world of go-go music history along the way.   SHOW NOTES: Go-go music Wiki: Rare Essence Wiki: Rory Felton killer arrested: Report of murder from 2018: [...]

BONUS – The Rare Essence murders2021-03-05T16:17:40+00:00

Episode 32 – Meat Loaf vs ghosts


The guys get out their research knives and forks and dig into Meat Loaf - after getting a listener email wondering about claims of Meat meeting the supernatural during a recording session. ** This episode brought to you by Away Travel:**   SHOW NOTES: story on Meat Loaf: Meat Loaf on Larry [...]

Episode 32 – Meat Loaf vs ghosts2021-02-27T00:24:57+00:00

February 2021

BONUS – Motorhead onstage fight


Brian and Murdock talk guitar noodling, Dinosaur Jr. and that time Lemmy had a cold and tried to fight Mikkey Dee.   SHOW NOTES: J. Mascis guitar: Dinosaur Jr "Just Like Heaven" video: The story of the onstage Motorhead fight: Lemmy on Wiki: Footage from Bloodstock 2011:

BONUS – Motorhead onstage fight2021-02-26T04:50:56+00:00

Episode 31 – Tommy vs Pam


Murdock goes geek again on a member of Motely Crue - Tommy Lee - and the relationship he had with Pam Anderson. Did this tabloid-fueled romance rewrite the path to pop cultural dominance forever? SHOW NOTES: David Rose's The Stripper: Bob Vila and Pam Anderson: Best Crue interview ever? - Rolling Stone [...]

Episode 31 – Tommy vs Pam2021-02-23T04:57:06+00:00

BONUS – Mailbag and RIP Mary Wilson


The guys read mail and remember Mary Wilson; PLUS - Murdock talks about that one time he had a conversation with a punk legend about Motely Crue. SHOW NOTES: Roy Head's amazing dancing: Roy Head Wiki: Variety Obit: That scene in The Commitments: That scene in Once Upon a Time in [...]

BONUS – Mailbag and RIP Mary Wilson2021-02-19T15:16:40+00:00

Episode 30 – Quiet Riot vs murder


Brian breaks down the big mouth and bad attitude of Kelly Garni - Quiet Riot's original bass player - and uncovers details about DuBrow, debauchery and that one night someone almost got killed (kinda...). SHOW NOTES: The amazing 4-hour video interview from 2020: Consequence of Sound/The Metal Voice version of the story: Quiet [...]

Episode 30 – Quiet Riot vs murder2021-02-18T04:46:42+00:00

January 2021

Episode 29 – Warrant vs Bon Jovi


The guys research the rise and fall of Jani Lane and his dysfunctional relationship with his bandmates in Warrant while diving into the rumor of "I Saw Red." Did it really cause a mental breakdown? And who was Jani's girlfriend caught with in bed?     SHOW NOTES: Warrant - Cherry Pie video: [...]

Episode 29 – Warrant vs Bon Jovi2021-02-16T04:00:26+00:00

Episode 28 – W.A.S.P. vs the PMRC


Murdock unwinds the weird and complicated legacy of Blackie Lawless and his band W.A.S.P. - a group that never quite got its due from anyone but Tipper Gore and angry parents. SHOW NOTES: W.A.S.P. - Wild Child Blackie Lawless riding the mic stand

Episode 28 – W.A.S.P. vs the PMRC2021-01-25T14:42:19+00:00

Episode 27 – Michael Jackson vs the Elephant Man


Brian unravels the rumors around Michael Jackson's obsession with a 19th century oddity. PLUS - the guys recount their favorite visits to MJ's hometown...   SHOW NOTES: "" Frank Dileo: David Bowie in The Elephant Man (ABC 1981): Joseph Merrick Biography: MJ dancing with Elephant Man's Bones:

Episode 27 – Michael Jackson vs the Elephant Man2021-01-20T03:40:52+00:00

Episode 26 – Randy Rhoads vs the airplane


The guys get into another famous rock n roll plane crash, discussing the legendary Randy Rhoads and how he might have saved Ozzy Osbourne's career - AND his life!   SHOW NOTES: 2:55, guitar solo 4:44 guitar solo See the photo Murdock describes: Rudy Sarzo's book: [...]

Episode 26 – Randy Rhoads vs the airplane2021-01-20T03:26:53+00:00

December 2020

BONUS – Favorite Music from 2020


Brian and Murdock from Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories discuss the songs that kept them sane during 2020. The Combined Shortlist: Murdock's long list:

BONUS – Favorite Music from 20202020-12-26T19:31:45+00:00

Episode 25 – Pink Floyd vs The Wizard of Oz


Brian and Murdock discuss the legend of lining up Dark Side of the Moon while watching Wizard of Oz and more of the lore surrounding one of the most viewed movies of all time.   Sources: Hanging Munchkin Video: Debunking Hanging Munchkin Video: How to sync [...]

Episode 25 – Pink Floyd vs The Wizard of Oz2020-12-26T19:26:52+00:00

Episode 24 – Rock N Roll vs September 11th


The guys take on a listener email looking into the effect a terrorist attack on American soil had on popular music and commerce. Which band was set to release controversial album art featuring the World Trade Center that day? What songs got played more in the aftermath? And what about that list of songs a [...]

Episode 24 – Rock N Roll vs September 11th2020-12-20T20:19:52+00:00

Episode 23 – Charley Pride vs the Northern Ireland conflict


The guys pay tribute to the late, great Tennessee Charley Pride, discussing his first career, his 30 #1 hits and his contribution to international peace relations.   Show Notes:

Episode 23 – Charley Pride vs the Northern Ireland conflict2020-12-14T03:13:21+00:00
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