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Let’s Tell Your Story

Brian Eichenberger has been working with media and advertising brands for most of two decades, always looking for innovative and new ways to help people spread the word about their passions, projects, products and ideas.


Podcasting Consulting and Production

Brian has been creating podcasts for almost a decade and can help brands and individuals from start to finish. Whether you just need an hour to discuss which microphones to buy and where to post the audio, or you are more interested in having someone produce a show for you from start to finish, SG Consulting can be your perfect partner.

Personalized Content Creation

Need to establish your voice through email marketing, LinkedIn and other spheres of influence? Brian has a system for turning your online output from just another message in the inbox into a proven thought leadership in your space.

Impact Reporting

Sometimes it is hard to see the forest when you have been busy planting trees. Brian has a process of doing “positive forensics” for brands interested in the impact trail they are leaving.

Social Media Strategy

SG Consulting offers a concise package for small businesses interested in just getting their arms around their social footprint or figuring out where to begin in the crazy world of online audience building. In the matter of a few hours, we can help you create a document that can serve as a roadmap to your social marketing future.

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