It’s a fake game show. The points are made up. The stories are real.

WHO ARE YOU – episode 1

Brian and Murdock lay out the background of the show and the rules and then let loose with stories that say a little bit about who they are.

BEST FRIENDS – episode 2

Brian and Murdock are pretty good buddies, but they use this topic to reflect back on some interesting experiences they had while growing up and learning about what it really means to be friends.

KIDS – episode 3

The guys are both dads, but when the subject of childhood comes up for play, they both dig a little deeper for a tale to tell.

FAST CAR – episode 4

Brian and Murdock find out they both have dads who were willing to bend the rules when it came to getting them on the road. Buckle up for some questionable ethics.

TAKE ME TO CHURCH – episode 5

The Guys pull out stories that illustrate the very different roles church buildings played in their childhoods. PLUS – Brian and Mark introduce a new segment called “Story of the Week”!

TAKE THIS JOB AND… – episode 6

Brian and Murdock discuss early lessons learned in the world of employment. PLUS – “Story of the Week”!

JUMP – episode 7

Stories centered around childhood drama and trauma (involving skating rinks and birthday parties) make an appearance; PLUS – the guys pull out the (E)mailbag.

LIFE IS A HIGHWAY – episode 8

Brian has a close call when nature calls; Murdock’s dad shows off some intense negotiating skills. PLUS – Story of the Week!

MAMA TRIED – episode 9

The guys share stories of abandoned houses and dollhouses; PLUS – a new segment called “From the Twitterverse”!

RE ENACT THE CRIME – episode 10

The guys take a Story Starter suggestion from a listener and dig up some tales of high school hi-jinx.

GRANDMA’S HANDS – episode 11

Brian and Murdock get a little nostalgic talking about grandparents.

LOVE GUN – episode 12

The guys tell tales of street karaoke, lost children and guns in the woods! PLUS – Story of the Week and a listener email with a story of its own!

PAINT IT BLACK – episode 13

Murdock racks up (fake) points with a tale about his mom’s (almost) celebrity dating life!


The different upbringings of Murdock and Brian are highlighted again when the subject turns to the ways they used to celebrate holidays.

BICYCLE RACE – episode 15

Murdock gets vulnerable and Brian tells a forgotten story about riding to work. PLUS – Listener email that makes Murdock emotional.

SPACE ODDITY – episode 16

Murdock geeks out about space and an octopus. Brian tells a marriage story.


The guys talk childhood movies and classic video games before a discussion on attempting to be bilingual.

TRASH – episode 18

Brian watches a guy get weird in public and Murdock learns a little about baby flies.

BAD FOOD – episode 19

Murdock reveals a checkered past with pizza; Brian comes clean about a scarring encounter with stroganoff.


The guys take turns trading tales about their older sisters.

YARD SALE – episode 21

Comedian/ actor/ filmmaker Michael Malone (Showtime/Comedy Central/ Fox) proxies for Murdock in a showdown of personal thrifting histories. PLUS – Michael talks about his new comedy special on Amazon Prime, Laugh After Death.

COLORS OF THE WIND – episode 22

Brian revisits a run-in with his uncle; Murdock relives childhood education trauma.

CUTS LIKE A KNIFE – episode 23

Brian recounts an unpleasant early sales job; Murdock has a rockin’ New Year’s Eve.

CATCH MY DISEASE – episode 24

Murdock’s sickly childhood re-emerges as a topic and Brian reveals that a family member might be Patient Zero. PLUS – Brian rails against best-selling novel The Silent Patient.

PLAYGROUND – episode 25

Brian meets someone special and Murdock faces danger in his hometown.

PUPPY LOVE – episode 26

The guys talk about the music that served as soundtrack for early romance for each of them; PLUS – Brian’s wife has a strange visitor and Murdock misses that soft bread in Story of the Week!

BROKEN WING – episode 27

Brian loses in a battle of car vs electronic device; Murdock doesn’t get invited back to the fancy store.


The guys celebrate dirty diners and dumb songs.

PRANKS – episode 29

Brian boots up the laptop and digitally goes head-to-head in a story battle with the co-founder and Chief Prank Officer of, Todd Krise.


Murdock confesses his asthmatic past – and present – and why Drew Barrymore is always on his mind. Brian explains why he gets a little weird every time that one REO Speedwagon song comes on.

THE GHOST IN YOU – episode 31

The guys push towards the paranormal in a set of more vulnerable tales about hopes, dreams and UFOs. PLUS – lots of movie talk and Brian gets outsmarted by his kids.

GIRLS ON FILM – episode 32

The guys get goofy with stories about sneaking things into a movie theater. PLUS – a listener calls in with a rock n roll story of his own! And Brian gives up a FREE DRINK RECIPE!

SOME BEACH – episode 33

Murdock tries to go swimming; Brian revisits a time he got a little carried away and almost caused an emergency.


Just in time for spooky season, the dudes duel it out with stories of the DEAD! (Plus – Murdock’s greatest childhood retort – REVEALED!)

WHAT YOU NEED – episode 35

Brian revisits his wife’s pregnancy cravings and Murdock relives the glory of his college days when he was the guy with the thing everyone wanted. (Spoiler: It’s not what you think…)