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May 2023

August 2021

Brian looked 12 when he was 23


I am 23 in this picture. I was actually running a radio station during this time. That girl was one of my interns/future staff members. I wondered why people didn't take me seriously. I legit looked like I was in middle school. It's pretty impressive looking back. Also - I have no explanation for the [...]

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February 2021

January 2020

One Size Fits NOBODY


Early on during one of my first jobs at a radio station, I asked my boss what size the station t-shirts were. “Oh. They are all ‘one-size-fits-Brad,’” he said, pulling at his drooping collar with a grin. Yes. His name was Brad. And yes – he preferred to wear an extra-large t-shirt. That is the [...]

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December 2019

Books I Loved in 2019


By Brian Eichenberger This list compiles the reading experiences I treasured most this year. Typical year-end lists come with the unspoken qualifier that they exist to highlight things made in a certain calendar year. My approach here is a little different. I try to keep up with the latest and greatest - so many [...]

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Music I Loved in 2019


by Mark Murdock 2019 was a great year for music.  I’ve heard other friends say it was a “ho-hum” year, but I discovered lots of new music, explored genres I would normally steer clear of and discovered a new favorite band. For my best of 2019 list, without thinking about it, I [...]

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