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Story Guys is a fake storytelling game show where the points are fake but the stories are real. Brian and Murdock battle each episode to dig up the best story they know on a variety of topics and celebrate all things good in the art of story craft.

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Story Guys – Episode 29 – Pranks (with Todd Krise)


Quarantine be darned! Brian boots up the laptop and digitally goes head to head in a story battle with the co-founder and Chief Prank Officer of, Todd Krise.  (Spoiler: Don't go head-to-head in a story battle about pranks with a guy who has built a business around pranking people.)

Story Guys – Episode 29 – Pranks (with Todd Krise)2020-04-01T12:49:23+00:00

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December 2019

Story Guys – Episode 21 – Yard Sale (with Michael Malone)


Comedian/actor/filmmaker Michael Malone (Fox/Showtime/Comedy Central) proxies for Murdock in a showdown of personal thrifting histories; Plus - Michael talks about his new comedy special on Amazon Prime - Laugh After Death. Links: Watch Michael's new special on Amazon: Listen to Michael's other stand-up on Spotify: Watch Michael's movie Bethlehem on Amazon: See [...]

Story Guys – Episode 21 – Yard Sale (with Michael Malone)2019-12-03T03:06:11+00:00

November 2019

PREVIEW: Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories – Episode 1


Story Guys Presents: Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories Brian and Murdock have an additional podcast set to launch soon on it's own feed and schedule dedicated to discussing the rumor, innuendo and hidden details that surround some of your favorite bands and songs. Story Guys listeners get the first chance to hear the pilot episode! [...]

PREVIEW: Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories – Episode 12019-11-02T03:39:07+00:00

October 2019

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