Story Guys is a fake storytelling game show where the points are fake but the stories are real. Brian and Murdock battle each episode to dig up the best story they know on a variety of topics and celebrate all things good in the art of story craft.

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BONUS – Favorite Music of 2020


Brian and Murdock discuss the tunes that got them through one of the weirdest years on record. Hear the collected short playlist:   Hear Murdock's 6 hour playlist:  

BONUS – Favorite Music of 20202020-12-26T19:07:49+00:00

November 2020

Story Guys – Episode 35 – What You Need


Brian revisits the pregnancy cravings of his wife and Murdock relives the glory of his college days being the guy who had what everyone wanted (spoiler: it's not what you think...); PLUS: the guys talk comfort TV and the Goo Goo Dolls.

Story Guys – Episode 35 – What You Need2020-11-13T03:06:23+00:00

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Story Guys – Episode 29 – Pranks (with Todd Krise)


Quarantine be darned! Brian boots up the laptop and digitally goes head to head in a story battle with the co-founder and Chief Prank Officer of, Todd Krise.  (Spoiler: Don't go head-to-head in a story battle about pranks with a guy who has built a business around pranking people.)

Story Guys – Episode 29 – Pranks (with Todd Krise)2020-04-01T12:49:23+00:00

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