September 2022

BONUS – Mailbag: More DMB and Famous Amos


Brian breaks into the mailbox and reads new feedback and questions on Dave Matthews Band, Jean-Claude Van Damme, and... COOKIES! Send your notes to the show at [email protected] or hit Murdock on Twitter at @HeyItsMurdock SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode: "I am a Predator" by Ted Nugent,the%20late%20Kevin%20Peter%20Hall.

BONUS – Mailbag: More DMB and Famous Amos2022-09-02T04:24:26+00:00

June 2022

Episode 98 – Nine Inch Nails vs the FBI


Brian finds a true crime story featuring flying objects, cornstarch and a lot of ineptitude - and discovers along the way how a certain Ohio musician first started pushing the public's buttons... by accident. Today's episode brought to you by Athletic Greens; Get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE [...]

Episode 98 – Nine Inch Nails vs the FBI2022-06-15T00:07:43+00:00

BONUS – Milli Vanilli outtakes


Brian plays more pop culture clips from the Milli Vanilli aftermath and the guys discuss the history and movements that connect Disco to Eurodance. SHOW NOTES: Super Mario Cartoon Milli Vanilli episode: KFC ad: Bruno clip:

BONUS – Milli Vanilli outtakes2022-05-31T20:17:35+00:00

July 2021

Episode 49 – Smoke vs the Water


The guys draw the line between a piece of tech and the biggest band in the world, the loudest band in the world and the weirdest band in the world. Hear the story of how when they all came together,  it led to the lyrics that ride atop one of the most iconic rock n [...]

Episode 49 – Smoke vs the Water2021-07-07T03:25:00+00:00

January 2020

Episode 5 – Richard Marx vs. The Haters


Brian reminds Murdock of the megastar that was Richard Marx and the time-lord/troll-fighter/action star he is today.   SHOW NOTES: Zack's Story: Ed's Story: CNN's Story: Daisy's Insta: Buy Richard's new CD: "Hazard" music video:

Episode 5 – Richard Marx vs. The Haters2020-01-20T21:47:02+00:00
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