September 2023

Episode 162 – Jimmy Buffett vs the drug police


In honor of the late, great Jimmy Buffett, the boys breakdown the story of the afternoon excursion that went wrong on the island of Jamaica for Jimmy and his famous friends in 1996. Support the show on Patreon and get bonus content!   SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode "Jamaica Mistaica" and "Come [...]

Episode 162 – Jimmy Buffett vs the drug police2023-09-06T04:13:15+00:00

December 2022

Episode 123 – Bob Marley vs the CIA


Brian and Murdock get a history lesson on the political chaos of Jamaica and the terrifying evening in 1976 that arguably cemented Bob Marley as a revolutionary and a legend - not just a musician. SHOW NOTES The Smile Jamaica show: The oral history: Academic paper on Garrison Communities: Netflix documentary: [...]

Episode 123 – Bob Marley vs the CIA2022-12-07T11:04:21+00:00

November 2022

Episode 122 – Rock N Roll vs reggae


A listener letter leads Brian and Phil Medley into a deep dive on the emergence of island music into the mainstream - and finding the one guy whose passion and vision is mostly to thank for rock and reggae finding common ground. SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode: Jimmy Cliff – The Harder They [...]

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March 2021

BONUS – The Rare Essence murders


Brian's Google searches uncover a series of mysterious deaths that all trace back to one band - and take the guys on a trip into the world of go-go music history along the way.   SHOW NOTES: Go-go music Wiki: Rare Essence Wiki: Rory Felton killer arrested: Report of murder from 2018: [...]

BONUS – The Rare Essence murders2021-03-05T16:17:40+00:00
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