March 2023

Episode 137 – Ozzy vs Sharon


Brian and Murdock examine the relationship between the metal god and the manager's daughter - and the violence, dysfunction, and business savvy that has come to define them and their family over the last 40 years. Support the show on Patreon: SHOW NOTES: [...]

Episode 137 – Ozzy vs Sharon2023-03-15T10:09:50+00:00

January 2021

Episode 29 – Warrant vs Bon Jovi


The guys research the rise and fall of Jani Lane and his dysfunctional relationship with his bandmates in Warrant while diving into the rumor of "I Saw Red." Did it really cause a mental breakdown? And who was Jani's girlfriend caught with in bed?     SHOW NOTES: Warrant - Cherry Pie video: [...]

Episode 29 – Warrant vs Bon Jovi2021-02-16T04:00:26+00:00

August 2020

Episode 12 – Motley Crue vs Fake Nikki Sixx


Murdock geeks out about one of his formative favorites - Motley Crue - and that time they might have replaced the bass player and never told anyone...   SHOW NOTES:  Loudersound article: The interview tapes with Matthew Trippe: From (with photos of original Kerrang! article) 1983 Japanese TV interview: Motley [...]

Episode 12 – Motley Crue vs Fake Nikki Sixx2020-08-01T16:09:08+00:00
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