March 2023

BONUS – Mailbag: More Backstreet Boys


Sarah writes the show with an outlandish rumor about the Backstreet Boys song "The Call"; plus, constructive criticism and a song from A Fire with Friends! Support the show on Patreon:  

BONUS – Mailbag: More Backstreet Boys2023-03-24T03:19:17+00:00

September 2022

March 2020

Episode 7 – George Jones vs The Murder Cocaine Mafia


Murdock rips through the best parts (read: most horrifyingly sad parts) of George Jones' life - including that time he might have been controlled by drug dealing shysters.   SHOW NOTES: The autobiography - I Lived to Tell It All White Lighting He Stopped Loving Her Today  

Episode 7 – George Jones vs The Murder Cocaine Mafia2020-03-04T05:28:27+00:00
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