November 2023

RETOLD – More Janis Joplin


After a recent discussion on the show about Janis Joplin and her distaste for Jim Morrison, the guys thought it was worth revisiting another tale of how Janis refused to put up with bad behavior - this one involving Jerry Lee Lewis. Enjoy this clip from all the way back in Episode 118.

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Episode 173 – Jim Morrison vs Jimi Hendrix


The guys get into the lore around Steve Paul's The Scene, 60's NYC, and that time The Lizard King tried to stick his face into Jimi Hendrix's pants (and got Janis Joplin all riled up.) Support the show on Patreon:   SHOW NOTES:'%20Jim%20would%20get%20drunk%20most,the%20more%20Jim%20loved%20it. [...]

Episode 173 – Jim Morrison vs Jimi Hendrix2023-11-22T04:36:20+00:00

November 2022

Episode 118 – Jerry Lee Lewis vs Janis Joplin


Brian and Murdock remember "the last one" - The Killer, Jerry Lee Lewis - and discuss the time he went to blows with a certain member of the 27 Club. SHOW NOTES: 1001 Album Club podcast:

Episode 118 – Jerry Lee Lewis vs Janis Joplin2022-11-02T11:37:35+00:00

July 2021

Episode 51 – Rock n Roll vs throat singing


Brian reveals the amazing story behind one of the biggest rock hits of the 1970's while exploring the biography of Paul Pena - a blind musician with one of the strangest career arcs on record. This episode is brought to you in part by OMIO: Visit and use the code OMIO5 at checkout to [...]

Episode 51 – Rock n Roll vs throat singing2021-07-20T12:23:54+00:00
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