May 2024

RETOLD – The Deadly Ham Sandwich


In a week full of celebrating rockstars and their restaurants, the guys dust off another food-related classic episode of the show (Episode 37) to talk about a notorious rumor that has long dogged one of the 70's great vocalists.

RETOLD – The Deadly Ham Sandwich2024-05-24T04:17:47+00:00

April 2024

RETOLD – More hotel hijinx


After spending recent time talking about New Kids on the Block behaving badly in their hometown's hotel, the guys dig up and revisit Episode 17 of the show to recall one of the most epic hotel trashings in rock n roll history: Keith Moon and the Holiday Inn birthday party.   SHOW NOTES: Keith Moon [...]

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May 2022

Episode 95 – Keith Moon vs animal tranquilizers


The guys read a ripped headline regarding Pearl Jam that leads them to one of the craziest rock n roll fan(tasy) stories ever told. Today's episode brought to you by Athletic Greens; Get a FREE 1 year supply of immune-supporting Vitamin D AND 5 FREE travel packs with your first purchase. All you have to [...]

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May 2021

Episode 42 – Beach Boys vs Jan and Dean (with Joel Selvin)


The guys welcome legendary music journalist Joel Selvin to join them in a discussion of Jan and Dean (featuring kidnaps and train wrecks), the Monterey Pop Festival and hanging out with Dennis Wilson. This episode brought to you by: Baxter Blue - get 10% off your next purchase of blue light, sleep, or kids glasses [...]

Episode 42 – Beach Boys vs Jan and Dean (with Joel Selvin)2021-05-25T18:35:13+00:00

April 2021

Episode 37 – Mama Cass vs the ham sandwich


Brian breaks down TWO rumors about Mamas and the Papa's voice Mama Cass: Did a ham sandwich kill her? - AND - Did she die in the same place as another major musical legend?   Episode sponsored by: SPARK by Positive Grid - Get $10 off the week of 4/14 when you use the [...]

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November 2020

Episode 17- The Who vs Holiday Inn


Brian unravels the details of one of the greatest rock n roll hotel parties of all-time... and how it led to a lifetime ban for one group of musicians.   SHOW NOTES: Keith Moon with Led Zep: Vintage Holiday Inn Commercial: The Who "Can't Explain": rundown:

Episode 17- The Who vs Holiday Inn2020-11-01T22:27:02+00:00
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