August 2023

BONUS – Our Nerdiest Thing talks Madonna


In the first BONUS crossover episode, listen in as Whitney, Mindy and Deb from the Story Guys Network's podcast Our Nerdiest Thing talk about early 90's Madonna. Check out all things Our Nerdiest Thing. Check out The Story Guys Network:  

BONUS – Our Nerdiest Thing talks Madonna2023-08-25T03:42:25+00:00

September 2022

Episode 113 – Rock N Roll vs nudity


The guys get through a series of questions centered around clothing (or the lack thereof) that entangle a couple of 80's hitmakers, the Material Girl, and a punk band.   SHOW NOTES: Kenny Loggins 2022 memoir: Kenny and Julia Loggins’ 1997 book: [...]

Episode 113 – Rock N Roll vs nudity2022-09-28T04:22:29+00:00

August 2021

Episode 54 – Rock n Roll vs the Illuminati


Brian breaks down the history of the real and fictitious group(s) that might be controlling everyone you love to listen to - from Jimi Hendrix to Def Leppard to Jay-Z. This episode is brought to you in part by Db. Get 10% off your next purchase by using the code POD10. SHOW NOTES: [...]

Episode 54 – Rock n Roll vs the Illuminati2021-08-11T03:36:11+00:00

January 2020

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