May 2021

Episode 43 – TOTO vs insecticide


Brian examines the connection between that one line in Spinal Tap and that band of studio musicians who owned the early eighties with "Rosanna" and "Africa." This episode is sponsored by Relief Factor. Get the QuickStart package (normally $70) for $19.95 HERE. SHOW NOTES: Jeff's instructional video:

Episode 43 – TOTO vs insecticide2021-05-26T15:15:57+00:00

January 2021

Episode 27 – Michael Jackson vs the Elephant Man


Brian unravels the rumors around Michael Jackson's obsession with a 19th century oddity. PLUS - the guys recount their favorite visits to MJ's hometown...   SHOW NOTES: "" Frank Dileo: David Bowie in The Elephant Man (ABC 1981): Joseph Merrick Biography: MJ dancing with Elephant Man's Bones:

Episode 27 – Michael Jackson vs the Elephant Man2021-01-20T03:40:52+00:00

April 2020

Episode 9 – Jackie Wilson vs Sex Appeal


Brian breaks down the career and carousing of soul legend Jackie Wilson - and that one time he almost died in the hallway of his apartment building.   SHOW NOTES:

Episode 9 – Jackie Wilson vs Sex Appeal2020-04-15T21:39:27+00:00
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