December 2021

BONUS – More on Prince’s symbol


Brian is joined by Mitch Monson - one of the designers who worked with the Prince creative team in 1992 to create what would become the Love Symbol - to talk creation, influence and the importance of a big brother's musical tastes. SHOW NOTES: The infographic that explains the evolution of the symbol: More [...]

BONUS – More on Prince’s symbol2021-12-24T15:34:08+00:00

Episode 73 – Prince vs the Symbol


Brian breaks down the story of Prince's beef with his record label and what led him to giving up the rights to his own name. SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode: “Just Another Sucker” - 94 East, “Soft and Wet” - Prince, “One of Us” - Prince [...]

Episode 73 – Prince vs the Symbol2021-12-22T06:04:54+00:00
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