August 2022

BONUS – Mailbag: Coverdale Page


The guys get a note from North Carolina about that time Jimmy Page wanted to make Robert Plant jealous... (well, maybe...) SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode: Coverdale Page - "Shake My Tree"  

BONUS – Mailbag: Coverdale Page2022-08-05T04:58:07+00:00

January 2022

Episode 75 – Bret Michaels vs Ohio


The guys get a very specific rumor request from a listener and go on a mission to verify if Bret Michaels once randomly bought a kid in an Ohio mall a guitar.   SHOW NOTES:,CD%2C%20Album Chicago concert review: The list detailing Bret's dating history: "Fallen Angel" video: Gary James interview: [...]

Episode 75 – Bret Michaels vs Ohio2022-01-05T04:40:37+00:00

June 2021

Episode 45 – Poison vs Guns N Roses (with Tom Beaujour and Rich Bienstock)


Brian and Murdock get the lowdown on the music and lifestyle of the 1980's Sunset Strip (and find out if Slash REALLY DID audition for Poison) by welcoming rock journalists Tom Beaujour and Richard Bienstock to the show. Check out Tom and Rich's amazing oral history NÖTHIN' BUT A GOOD TIME: The Uncensored History of [...]

Episode 45 – Poison vs Guns N Roses (with Tom Beaujour and Rich Bienstock)2021-06-09T04:26:12+00:00

January 2021

Episode 29 – Warrant vs Bon Jovi


The guys research the rise and fall of Jani Lane and his dysfunctional relationship with his bandmates in Warrant while diving into the rumor of "I Saw Red." Did it really cause a mental breakdown? And who was Jani's girlfriend caught with in bed?     SHOW NOTES: Warrant - Cherry Pie video: [...]

Episode 29 – Warrant vs Bon Jovi2021-02-16T04:00:26+00:00
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