Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories
Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories
Episode 14- The Beach Boys vs The Manson Family

Brian digs into the facts surrounding the strange relationship between one of the makers of the California Sound (Dennis Wilson) and the man with 1000 foot stare, 15 girlfriends and some crazy theories about race war (Charlie Manson!).

PLUS – What film made Brian Wilson quit going to the movies for almost two decades???


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The Beach Boys – Lost Concert 1964:

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The Beach Boys – Never Learn Not to Love:

Charles Manson – Look at Your Game, Girl:

Dennis Wilson – River Song:

Did Charles Manson audition for the Monkees?: article on the relationship:,musical%20possibilities%20that%20lay%20ahead.&text=Thus%20began%20the%20unusual%20friendship,history’s%20most%20sadistic%20cult%20leaders.