Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories
Episode 147 - Taylor Swift and Bobbie Gentry vs fame

The boys dig into the backstory of an old Taylor Swift song and uncover the histories of some major women in music who thought about leaving it all behind – and one who actually did. 

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Songs used in this episode: “Circle of Two” by Steve and Annie Chapman; “The Lucky One” by Taylor Swift; “Sweet Sucker Dance” by Joni Mitchell; “Four Letter Word” by Kim Wilde; “Ode to Billy Joe,” “He Made a Woman Out of Me” and “My Dog Sargent”  by Bobbie Gentry; “Fancy” by He Is Legend

Swiftie Dad article:–as-has-long-disappeared-music-legend-bobbie-gentry/2016/06/02/3988aba2-28df-11e6-a3c4-0724e8e24f3f_story.html

Bobbie Gentry on Ed Sullivan (1970):

Bobbie playing the first song she ever wrote: