Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories
Episode 167 - Def Leppard vs Sheffield

The guys get the details behind the Def Leppard fan classic acoustic set that was shot in a bar that was way too small for a band that big. Take another rock n roll field trip – this time to Sheffield, England.


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Motley Crue in Sheffield:

Chaucer-related Sheffield nerdery:,particular%20spelling%20for%20their%20dialogue.

The Fiesta promo video: 

The Stockton Fiesta:

Photos of the Grosvenor Hotel:

Rock history of Sheffield:

Photo of Olga:

Olga Marshall profile:

Background on the Buccaneer:

The 1995 performance:

Press photos from 1995 performance:

List of Def Leppard landmarks:

Rebels message board:

Photos of Wapentake being demolished:

Newsreel about the Grosvenor House Hotel: