Rock N Roll Bedtime Stories
Episode 80 - Rock N Roll vs parody

The guys trace the origins of mock n’ roll from Bach to Dr. Demento, Weird Al and the internet.


Songs used in this episode: Bach “Peasant Cantata”; Spike Jones and his City Slickers “Cocktails for Two”; Tom Lehrer “The Masochism Tango”; Stan Freberg “Nuttin for Christmas”; Allan Sherman “Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah”; Spirit “I Got a Line on You”; Weird Al “Belvedere Cruisin’”; Alex Melton “American Idiot”.,_Hello_Fadduh_(A_Letter_from_Camp)

Full 1991 episode of the Dr Demento show:

Full 1986 episode of the Dr Demento show:

Belvedere Cruisin’ – Weird Al demo –