May 2023

Episode 145 – Shania Twain vs Mutt Lange


Brian and Murdock get into the lucrative musical partnership that defined a decade - and the misbehavior that undid it. They talk about their commercial country pasts and the man behind the records that taught them about what rock was supposed to sound like. This episode brought to you in part by Louder Than Life [...]

Episode 145 – Shania Twain vs Mutt Lange2023-05-10T03:42:59+00:00

July 2022

Episode 104 – Wilson vs Wilson


Brian breaks down the soap opera history and recent family squabbles that finally put the wrong kind of pressure on the legendary Hall of Fame sister/rockers in Heart. SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode: Heart “All I Wanna Do is Make Love to You”; “Magic Man”; “Barracuda”; Alias “More Than Words Can Say” The [...]

Episode 104 – Wilson vs Wilson2022-07-27T02:50:43+00:00
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