September 2023

RETOLD – More Elvis


Revisit this June 2022 conversation about the man behind The King - Colonel Tom Parker - including his (mis)management style, and what he might have been running from all along.    SHOW NOTES The Colonel by Alanna Nash: Austin Powers “Carnies!” clip:  

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November 2022

BONUS – More on Jerry Lee Lewis


Brian gives in and discusses Jerry Lee Lewis' dead wives - and a listener letter about Motley Crue! SHOW NOTES:  

BONUS – More on Jerry Lee Lewis2022-11-04T04:12:59+00:00

March 2021

BONUS – The Rare Essence murders


Brian's Google searches uncover a series of mysterious deaths that all trace back to one band - and take the guys on a trip into the world of go-go music history along the way.   SHOW NOTES: Go-go music Wiki: Rare Essence Wiki: Rory Felton killer arrested: Report of murder from 2018: [...]

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September 2020

Episode 14- The Beach Boys vs The Manson Family


Brian digs into the facts surrounding the strange relationship between one of the makers of the California Sound (Dennis Wilson) and the man with 1000 foot stare, 15 girlfriends and some crazy theories about race war (Charlie Manson!). PLUS - What film made Brian Wilson quit going to the movies for almost two decades??? SHOW [...]

Episode 14- The Beach Boys vs The Manson Family2023-10-13T12:54:49+00:00
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