May 2023

BS Conversations – Andy Frye, author of Ninety Days in the 90s


The guys get in a discussion with writer Andy Frye whose latest book asks the question "If you could travel back to 1996, would you even want to come back?" They talk time travel, inspirations, cool aunts and that time Miles Davis almost lost his fancy car. Support the show on Patreon: SHOW NOTES: [...]

BS Conversations – Andy Frye, author of Ninety Days in the 90s2023-05-12T04:25:18+00:00

August 2022

Episode 108 – Liam vs Noel


The guys finally get around to documenting one of the most notorious rock rivalries of all time: the brothers who drove - and exploded - British rock band Oasis. SHOW NOTES:   SHOW NOTES: Songs used in this episode: Inspiral Carpets – This is How It Feels; Oasis – Guess God Thinks I’m Abel; Oasis: [...]

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April 2021

BONUS – More on Sampling: Amen Breaks


In an addendum to Episode 34, the guys go ALL the way back to the BEGINNING of sampling to uncover the origin story of possibly the MOST sampled song in music history - "Amen Brother."   SHOW NOTES: The Winstons Wiki: The drum break: The full song: BBC interview from 2015: [...]

BONUS – More on Sampling: Amen Breaks2021-04-02T20:24:56+00:00
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